Paris Crêperie is the Best Thing You’ve Never Heard of in Seoul

Chung posing while we wait for coffee and crepes.

Chung posing while we wait for coffee and crepes.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Chung and I live in the exciting area of Ewha. Little boutiques and eateries proliferate around the area which is centered around a prestigious women’s university. While having our traditional Friday night date, we decided to head to a new place for dessert. We’d often passed the crepe stand before but had never ventured to try it.

Our first experience with Paris Crêperie blew my mind. As we stepped up to the window, the owner, a Frenchman from Avignon, delighted us with, “Bonjour.” We had seen him speaking Korean, now French and our interaction would be entirely in English. He explained he had been at the location for about a year but business had been doing so well that he would soon open another location.

1,000 soft serve ice cream!

₩1,000 soft serve ice cream!

Personally, I was amazed by the price of everything. Americano coffees were being sold for only ₩1,000. A soft serve ice cream cone was only ₩1,000 as well. The crepes themselves were in varied flavors and were as low as ₩2,000 for a small, lemon crepe and up to ₩9,000 for a large, steak and cheese crepe. (Yes, I said steak and cheese.)

That first night we tried Nutella and coconut. When we went back again for a Lunch set, we ordered a cream and raspberry, ham and cheese and small grenadine drink for ₩5,500. We watched while the owner hand-made the cream. The ham must have been imported… and the cheese, oh my goodness. It really is a slice of Paris here in Ewha.

I also highly recommend their ice creams and chocolate beverages. You will not be disappointed.

Directions to Paris Crêperie: take exit 2 from Ewha Woman’s University Station. Walk straight toward the campus and make your first left after the Artbox. Paris Crêperie will be on your left.